Go the whole hog with James Suckling’s pig ‘ssam’

While we’re all about the wine here at James Suckling Wine Central, we also pride ourselves on the quality of the food, and one of our most popular dishes is James Suckling’s pig ssam. Based on the Korean dish of “ssam”, which literally translates as “wrapped”, the idea is to wrap your tender piece of meat with leafy vegetables to create a delectable mouthful of flavors and textures.

We’ve served too many portions of it to count since we add it to our menu, and when you understand the meticulous effort that goes into it you’ll understand why. Preparation of each serving takes place days before it’s served to ensure the pork comes out crispy-skinned and perfectly tender. We marinate the pork in advance with a secret mix of delectable ingredients and herbs which include coffee, sugar, pepper, sea salt and more. The sea salt ensures optimum crispiness when cooking. This magic marinade is then massaged into the skin before it is left to stand for optimum flavor. It’s slow-roasted for an hour and a half and then given the final touches just before serving. Fresh seasonal leaves are included to wrap the pork and the whole dish is balanced by sweet and tangy pickled vegetables and a rich bean sauce on the side. 

As the best wine bar in Hong Kong it would be a crime not to have a glass or two from our menu with your pork. You can pair it with any wine of your choosing, but if you want recommendations, try the white Clos d’Agon Catalunya Blanco 2014, a Rhone-inspired blend with bright acidity and a long and intense finish.  If you prefer to pair a red with your crispy pork, try the full-bodied Frescobaldi Brunello di Montalcino Castelgiocondo 2010 (Wine of the year 2015), which has soft tannins with aromas of warm stones and dark fruits.